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FUCK PEOPLE THESE DAY I AM TIRED OF MIDDLE SCHOOL We’ve all been lost for most of this life Everywhere we turn more hatred surrounds us And I know that most of us just ain’t right Following the wrong steps being led by pride✿💦💜 Do you want to know what my problem is👊🏽? I will tell you what my problem is, I LOVE YOU💜 I love your name,💯 I love the way you look at me,👀 I love your gorgeous smile,😉 I love the way you walk👫, I love your beautiful eyes👀, I love what you look like when you are asleep😴, I love the sound of your laugh😻, to hear your voice fills my entire heart💖 with an indescribable feeling. I love the way I can be having the worst day of my life and seeing you completely changes my mood. I love how when you touch👅 me I get weak, that is my problem🔐

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