Michael Springer

20 years old

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Hey there! My name is Michael, I am 18. I like all kinds of music, mainly varieties of metal and a bunch of weird music blends, I play the piano, violin, guitar, and hurdy gurdy (the hurdy gurdy is my favorite, you should totally ask me about it). I also consider myself to be a fairly talented writer, in prose, poetry and short stories. I'm fairly athletic, I love running, swimming, and martial arts, as well as archery. I'm also a good cook! I'm a super nerd, I love tabletop gaming and dungeons&dragons, and am a science geek. I do a lot of photography. I read a lot as well. I also really like history, specifically the antiquity era.

I am demisexual, meaning that I value mental and emotional intimacy over physical attraction. I need to be comfortable with you as a friend before I will be comfortable sexually, or in a relationship.

Feel free to Kik or Skype me @bubbasmack! I'll reply to you much faster through there

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