Video Conferencing



FaceFlow is a powerful web-based application that offers video chat and web conferencing for FREE. With video conferencing and a bunch of additional features, FaceFlow makes it easy to connect with friends, family, and even new people.

With features such as your contact list, 4-way video conferencing, instant messaging, file sending, photo sharing and multiplayer flash games, FaceFlow takes web conferencing to a new level. FaceFlow offers a complete communication and online entertainment service at a fraction of the cost of other similar programs (in fact, FaceFlow is the first application of its kind to be FREE!).

With FaceFlow, you have complete control and the flexibility to connect easily with anyone who can open a web browser and has an active internet connection, no download is required. Stop paying monthly fees for video conferencing, try a free video conference on FaceFlow now and experience the difference for yourself.