Madness Unknown

23 years old

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WAR NEVER CHANGE 🎧💀🎮 i'll be fighting (Never be Alone...)I'm Strong Wolf
and I'm bit good at art skills?..🙃🔥I love to play C.O.D!?...(Call of duty!!)
and Scary lame Game!!...I'm No Other People!! I'm almost 21 Soon...
I wanna play Challenge 3 AM Every Half Time?...i know is Evil number But 
I Want to Know it true or not...I play Minecraft to Find Evil in Games?...(Sometimes 
I play it) 🎧😒🎮💀⚡️I was looking for a truth not 
a lied!!...I aren't like other girls but i'm always low mood don't judge it!..u be hater!...🎧😒

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