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yhu bby gurl paris taken My child te'kiah mess wht ha ima whoop yo ass😂 Hoes mad cause thy can't have my man like haha bitch he taken 4eva I keep bitches mouth watering my name sty in it 24/7💯💦💧 john my daddy👫😍😝👪 kaya my main😈👯💯🔙🔛🔝🔜 olivai my baddy Samiah ah hoe😂 John my Bby 💍 asia my sista👯 yana bestie🙏🏽 bre my cuzo😇😀 ana besfren💁🏽 shantell tht nigga💯 keep it 💯 got bitches tryen end me squad no ya'll place tbh i dont fck wth the lameies or these fake ass hoes but dont add me if yhu got drama on yo bac 😂 dont fck no bitch tht fucking with yo dog tht law east middle lame ASF😂 I splash on your niggah with the water💦☔️ ima baddie   RiP to my bby gurl payton🙏🏽 thanking bout our future sqquad sty lit 24/7 this bish say she wanna fight but dont wanna post up cute💦 dont mess wth ha yhu mess wth me SAVAGE ASF... yhu mess with any1 i care 4 like asia tekiah yana ana nd kaya hoe im haunt yo ass tha rest of yhu life dont add me if i dont know yhu sometimes yhu jus have to throw on a crown nd remind them who they dealin with BITCH DON'T KILL MY VIBE lORD🙏🏽 HELP THESE BASIC BITCHES😂 FUCK THESE LAME ASS NIGGAS ND BITCHES LIKE FRFR i dont have 2 b yhur fren jus for yhu to like man i got so many niggas crushin but yhu know yhu bbygurl taken by tha best nd she dont do stuff like tht nd her man got bitchs crushin on him i mean like our bond to Tight im never lettin him go i mean wht i say nd bish yhu know who im tlking bout😂😇😶 kyha my cuzin mess with bih we gonehave sum prob like tf😘🙏🏽👊💯 THIS BIHH STY ON FLEEK~💯 BYE BYE IM DONE TLKING 🙅🏽🙏🏽👋🏽👏🏾 bihh wanna add me but tryen lurk on my man like tf😡👿but he dont want ha😂😅😄

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