Storm Elizabeth Kay Jo Miley

17 years old

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I am 14 years old my name is Storm Miley. I love to Dance and Sing. My favorite hobbies are playing Softball, football, basketball, skateboarding, volleyball, and wrestling with my brothers, family, and friends. I have a 4 year old daughter named Serenity Ardena Michele Miley she's my world if anyone messes with her or hurts her I will do a lot worse to you~5/18/12~
I also have a wife named Olivia and she's better than all ya'll!!! I am single but not looking for anyone right now. Still in love with someone!!! ~2/17/16~ 
I never thought I would love someone who loves me for me who accepts me for me and accepts my craziness!!!!
You will always have my heart no matter what I love you!!!

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