Account Verification Features Have Been Added To Help You Meet Good People

We've just made it better to meet new, good people on FaceFlow by using Account Verification.

To verify an account, a user needs to verify his email address and his phone number.

A verified account greatly increases the "seriousness" of the user on FaceFlow. Verified users receive more friend requests, and people are more likely to accept requests coming from verified people.

You can see that an account is verified in many ways; When people receive a friend request from you:

Friend requests showing account verification

In profile pages,

Account verification shown in profile pages

And lastly, in the public chatroom,

enter image description here

It's very easy to get your account verified through the Settings page: enter image description here

This new feature has helped many users make new, good friends by: 1. Only accepting friend requests coming from verified people and, 2. By having more users accept their friend requests.

Hopefully this will help you too!



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